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Jazz, Meditative Immersion Music, Modern Jazz, Classical.

Christmas Time Is Here



Meditative immersion/

experimental music

In 2015, I picked up my guitar and started vamping on the two main chords of Chick Corea & Béla Fleck's tune Spectacle, from the album The Enchantment. I recorded the vamp, looped it in GarageBand, and started adding musical elements over it. Over the next few days, I couldn't stop finding new musical sound sources to add to the tune. In this purely acoustic tune named Village Green, the sounds come from a variety of instruments and items I found in my room, from piano strings to bubblewrap. From a comb, to the rushing and still waters of Minnesota & Indiana lakes, rivers and waterfalls.


The other "Immersion Music" pieces, I created in 2016 and 2017, using my Kawaii Grand piano and Casio-CGP700 keyboard to create most of the sounds, along with my drumset and bass. I do basic editing in GarageBand. This music does not have any discernible melody or voiceline: the music is the voice.


Much like Ravel's Bolero, this music is more of a meditative exercise, an endless introspection into the the harmonic substrate that underlies music. 


Crystal Clear (2017)


  • Piano (CGP-700)

  • Kawaii Grand Piano

  • Prepared Piano (Kawaii Grand)

  • Acoustic Bass (CGP-700)

  • Harp (CGP-700)

  • Metallic waterbottle (Bell)

  • Windchimes


  • Rainwater

  • Plastic water bottle

  • Fire (fireplace)

  • Birds chirping

  • Drum wire brushes + cooling rack


  • Drumset

  • Drumsticks

  • Closing door

  • Coconut shells

  • Scissors

  • Fingers + desk

  • Decorative ceramic sailboat + drumstick

  • Shaker

Instrumentation &

Sound Sources

Instrumentation & Sound Sources

Alive (2017)


  • Piano (CGP-700)

  • Bass (CGP-700)

  • Electric keyboard (CGP-700)

  • Harp (CGP-700)

  • Piano strings (Kawaii grand piano)

  • Acoustic guitar


  • Rainwater

  • Wine glass & water


  • Guiro frog

  • African bead necklace

  • Egg shaker

  • Decorative ceramic sailboat + Apple earbuds

  • Mini djembe

  • Drumset

Village Green (2015)


  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Steinway Grand Piano

  • Steinway Grand Piano (strings)

  • Boston Upright Piano

  • Boston Upright Piano (strings)

  • Hammond organ

  • Soprano recorder

  • Whistling

  • Playground chime

  • Windchimes

  • Sprite bottle

  • Wine glass


  • Bubble wrap

  • Hairbrush

  • Mississippi River

  • St. Louis River

  • Lake Superior

  • Gooseberry Falls

  • White River

  • Cactus

  • Backyard garden bush




  • Lint roller

  • Finger snap

  • Drumsticks

  • Spray bottle

  • Clap

  • Hair comb & nail clipper

  • Contact lens camp

  • Lamp switch

  • Drum pad

  • Cocoa beans in ceramic mug

  • Cocoa beans in glass mug

  • Scotch tape

  • Business cards in box

  • Matchbox

  • Fountain pen case

  • Ignited match

  • Keychain

  • Guitar tuner clip

  • Beady lampshade

  • Smucker's cap + wooden spoon

Modern Jazz Quartet.


piano: Timothy Gondola
bass: Emily Gross
drums: Robert Granfelt
alto sax: Anna Dolde


Mixed and mastered by Reid Kruger. Released June 2015.

modern jazz


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